17 January 2007

Puppy and Loft Conversion

So we have a dog now.

We had always said that we would get a dog but that wanted to wait until my youngest son was old enough. He's 9 now which we felt was 'old enough' but more importantly my eldest is 14 ... gulp! In just 4 years he will be 18!!! It was that realisation that prompted us to get a dog. We were concerned if we left it any longer then he would not have had the benefit and enjoyment of seeing a puppy grow up.

As I was saying, we have a dog now ... we also have a loft conversion that we are very pleased with :-)

Where am I going with this? Patience please.

We had the loft conversion done because I used one of the bedrooms intended for my sons as an office (I work from home). So, I now have an office and my sons all have their own bedrooms - very good and my three sons? :-) :-) :-)

When you get a puppy it is advised that you spend time with them and not leave them alone.

My office + puppy = bad idea as puppies chew cables, books, in fact just about everything!

So ... I now work in the kitchen! I might add that the puppy is happy and contented ... oh well!

11 January 2007



Sorry about the dust that has gathered on this blog. So much for how therapeutic I find writing a blog!

Oh well, here I am for now. What happened?

A combination of things really ... I haven't mentioned it on my blog before but my Dad died of cancer in March last year. Then a few months later I found out my Mum had cancer and she has been undergoing chemotherapy. The good news is that a few weeks ago we found out that the cancer seems to have gone. My Mum is still receiving chemotherapy but the future is looking much brighter.

I didn't particularly want to discuss this on my blog but it was not all that easy to write about much else ... but that is only a suspected reason for no posts since September.

Other things?

I've been trying to make headway into a long story I am writing (it would seem a bit precocious to call it a novel) ... okay, I have to admit it's not very long yet ... but it will grow. Sadly, unlike plants, it doesn't grow very much when kept in a dark drawer.

Growth - reminds me of our puppy! We now have a Border Collie puppy called Fleet. Border Collie puppies are medium sized dogs, yes? Well our puppy's father was called Hercules!! :-s

More later, time for tea and bed. At least I've cleaned the dust off.