30 December 2010

Run on a misty, muddy day

Did an 8.15 mile run today and took this photo of the Thames near Boulters Lock half way.

27 December 2010

Snow, ice and slush

After a period of cold and flu I finally went for a run today.  I dressed up warmly and wore my trendy Saucony green top, my son said I looked like a Christmas Elf!  You really can't be too sensitive when you're a Dad of three teenage sons, sigh.

I was a little apprehensive as it was a mixture of ice, slush, compacted snow and more ice.  Time to test my new Yak Trax ice cleats, last year's cheapo ice cleats broke after falling off numerous times.  The Yak Trax Pro ice cleats have a strap over the top so if they unclip they stay on your feet.  Unclipped ice cleats wouldn't have been too serious today but in deep soft snow it would have been difficult to find them (as I have experience of).  Anyway, the Yak Trax performed very well and I didn't slip once :-) Yak Trax and Gortex Salomon Running Shoes proved to be an excellent combination - I can be such a Geek!

Scenery was beuatiful with frozen streams.  I didn't take Fleet (my dog) today as it was my first run for a little while and I wanted to check that the Yak Trax worked okay. Oh yes, I ran 7.5 miles at an easy pace - feeling good ;-)

21 December 2010

The background photo ...

... , which will probably change, is a route I run frequently, 'very' frequently. Perhaps I should run different routes but I don't. Am I lazy?  Am I getting old?  It's just easier - I know how far a mile is, two miles three, along the Thames, over the bridge ... I love my runs, I love this route You know it changes all year round too - I should post photos. The Red Kites love it too, sometimes dozens of them.  In fact I associate their call with running. My dog loves it too, that's him in the photo - possibly the softest, gentlest dog in the world.

When will my sons be home?? It's icy and snowy out there :-(

Just found out my one son is staying at his friend's house for the night, a relief! He will need to catch the first train for his paper round.  My eldest says he is almost home ... he's home - whew! Goodnight.

No running

Still no run today, still sick but have put up the Christmas tree :-)   My three boys went out, chose a tree, purchased it and brought it home, quite special, I'm very proud of them. The two eldest went out this evening and my youngest and I put up the tree, decorated it and then watched a movie, special.

But no run :-(

... and I'll be happy when they get home too :-| Sigh!

19 December 2010

Janathon - Running and Blogging

I've never written about my running on my blog so why not start me thinks. I've decided to participate in Janathon. Run every day and blog every day for the month of January.