31 January 2012

#Janathon Day 31 - Thanks again to Cathy, the real star of Janathon

I think I stopped just in time, 282 miles and my knees are just about intact but my leg muscles are aching sooo much.  Still, they will recover, I hope.  I've also finished my quota for this week's Febulous too so I can have a good few days rest.

So today's run was in two parts, my first run was before work and was 5.02 miles.  I rushed back and was just ready in time for my early morning meeting.  My second run was with Fleet and was 7.08 miles making his Janathon total 133 miles ... but I think he needs a rest now too.  This afternoon's run was so cold again, brrr! Plus Fleet went for a swim brrr x brrr!!

I'm must say that I'm very pleased with my mileage, the furthest I've ever run in a month and 'just' over 9 miles per day. 

The last word should go to Cathy, thanks again for organising this year's Janathon, you are the real star of the 'athons.

30 January 2012

#Janathon Day 30 - freezing runs and CPR revision (not on real people)

Just got back from a First Aid course for Scout leaders at the Scout Hut - good to be reminded about and updated about CPR etc.  Second half of course is next week and I'm judging a Beaver cooking competition just before ... that's not cooking beavers, but Beaver Scouts testing their cooking skills, and not with hot food either :-)

This, together with a couple of runs, means I have had a very busy day. My morning run I did with Fleet and we ran 9.08 miles.  I'm not sure if I will take Fleet for a run tomorrow morning, I'll see how he is.  He definitely doesn't rush to go out the next day after a long run and, seeing as he can't talk, I tend to ere on the side of caution when we've done a longer run.

I went out for my afternoon run when the sun was shining but it became very, very cold.  I was freezing when I got home and it took me a while to warm up.  That run was 11.02 miles.

I have an early meeting tomorrow morning and so I'm not sure when I will go out.  I'll probably take it easier ...

My total Janathon mileage is now 270 miles and Fleet's is 126 miles.  Besides aching muscles and tiredness and hunger, joints are all okay :-)

29 January 2012

#Janathon Day 29 - Italian food with shells, 'The Artist' and 250 miles :-)

A long run today along the Jubilee River of 16.18 miles this morning. I must say that I enjoyed it and didn't feel that tired afterwards which was a bit of a surprise. Maybe the Italian food helped last night.

I do enjoy Italian food and I did enjoy the main course but the prawns had shells on! This together with the sauce made it difficult to eat. But it was a very good evening with friends and the food tasted good even if it was a little difficult to eat. Also watched 'The Artist' before eating out, which we all enjoyed very much, although I did start coughing in the quiet bit!

This afternoon I went to the gym with my middle son (eldest son is in Leeds seeing his girlfriend) while my wife and youngest son played singles badminton.  Silly Janathon fever has set in and I ended up running 6.02 miles for 51 minutes just to raise my Janathon total to ... 250 miles :-)  I am very pleased.

28 January 2012

#Janathon Day 28 - had to, um, turn round ... !

I had intended doing a longer run today but, without going into details and for a reason I've discussed before, I had to turn round and run home, carefully, and stop for compsure every few hundred metres! Oh well, I got home with no mishaps :-)  It was colder today than I thought it would be and my hands were frozen when I got home. Since arriving home I've been busy, busy, busy, and we're going out in half an hour's time so I need to go and get ready ...

So my run today (with Fleet) was 9.04 miles making my Janathon total is 228 miles and Fleet's 117 miles.

27 January 2012

#Janathon Day 27 - night running = getting lost, tripping, sinking, slipping and running into things

Obviously a day for getting lost as I did tonight and so did runtezza today.  It was a beautiful day for a run but I was too busy and set off too late .... when it was dark!  I just can't get excited about running in the dark but Local Adventures raves about trail running at night so like a mug I tried trail running at night.

Well I got lost, and my feet got wet and muddy, I ran further than I intended and it was cold. I can't look out for owls or anything else except the odd moth that crosses the light beam of my headtorch. No, I have to concentrate on the beam of light from my headtorch so I don't trip, sink, slip or run into anything. Problem is I still trip, sink, slip and run into things.  Running at night would be fine if it wasn't so dark.  I will persist though.

On homeward stretch I felt really hungry and decided to listen to the first episode of Talk Ultra to take my mind of my tum. Unfortunately, hearing all about 250km runs and 10 hour training runs and running across deserts, jungles and Antarctica sort of sapped my energy! But I did find it interesting.

Still I ran 8.5 miles making my Janathon total 219 miles.

Remembering Eric

Just before my run today I found out a school friend had passed away. During my run I thought about my friend from school a great deal and ended up running just over 11 miles, which was a good few miles more than I had originally intended. I do wish we had managed to get together (he lived in South Africa) and do that run together but we didn't. But as I ran tonight I remembered Eric.

25 January 2012

#Janathon Day 25 - Fleet smashes a 100 miles and knots again

Fleet has completed his century with a Janathon total of 108 miles, well done Fleet :-)

Last night I played badminton singles with my son for an hour.  Great fun despite my tired legs.

This morning Fleet and I ran 9.1 miles, the first mile is always the hardest.  This brings my Janathon total to 199 miles. 

It was Cubs tonight and I taught them (or tried) how to tie a sheet bend. I also went over how to tie a reef knot using a slightly different method that I think is easier for Cub age kids to remember rather than left over right .. etc.  The good thing about this method I'd worked out, is it makes it easier to teach how to tie a sheet bend.

24 January 2012

#Janathon Day 24 - my legs are aching :-(

I've decided that my leg muscles are not going to recover until I have a few days off and so they will probably ache for the rest of Janathon, lovely :-(

Maybe tonight's badminton will help a little ... or not.  Normally all five of us go but it has been reduced to two of us, me and my youngest son. Singles for an hour ... my tired legs!

Stuck on a bug in my work too, so that's not helping.

Run today was 8.45 miles (in the drizzle) and my Janathon total is now 190 miles.

23 January 2012

#Janathon Day 23 - my 99 miler dog

Fleet has run 99 miles with me (he's run more really if you count the back forth style of running he does).  The truth is it is probably 100 miles if I added all the fractions of a mile together and I was tempted to add them up but then he wouldn't be a 99 miler dog :-) it has a nice ring to it!

He is definitely getting fitter and faster, unlike me who might be getting fitter (I think or theorise) but definitely not faster.  My legs really need a rest as they feel quite heavy, clomp, clomp clomp along I go.  I should have a rest day but I want to run every day in January.  I'm not actually competing with anybody or maybe I am, I don't know,  but I do want to do better than I did in Juneathon - I hope my legs hold out.

And of course I also want to carry on into February and Marathon Talk's Febulous (the February section of Jantastic).  Incidentally, I was wrong about the total weekly mileage, you have to set the target length of your 'long run' (not total mileage)  and the number of times you want to run each week.  I think my target will probably be to run 5 times a week with a long run of 10 miles(ish) and maybe one longer run of say 13 miles once a month, but I'm still undecided.

So my/our run today was 8 miles and my Janathon total is now 181 miles but more importantly Fleet's total is now 99 miles :-) making him ... the 99 miler dog!

22 January 2012

#Janathon Day 22 - holding myself together and an Olympic blockage

First thing this morning went out for a pleasant walk with my wife and Fleet. Returned and did a few chores, booked badminton court for Tuesday and had a lunchtime bagel.

Then decided to head out for a long run while my wife dropped my youngest at a (not so local) cinema, I'm picking up later, sigh. My run took me along the Thames and all go was going well but the bagel (or something) was um, uh well searching for a low level exit strategy.  I figured I would maintain self control and carry on regardless but unfortunately I had to stop every so often to, well, hold myself together a bit.

Carried on running and then reached a fence blocking the towpath! The towpath around Dorney Lake has been  closed off until November because of the Olympics and the need for a temporary bridge over the river. I'm all for the Olympics but I'm not sure why the towpath has to be closed for so long? So I ran up to Dorney Lake to find lots of people walking around there.  A duathlon had just finished and I thought ... toilets!  And yes, I found clean toilets (duathletes must be a tidy bunch) and was um, very relieved. 

My run back was much better although I started feeling hungry.  Total run was 13 miles bringing my Janathon total to 173 miles.

21 January 2012

#Janathon Day 21 - rainbows, #Jantastic and isn't Fleet doing well

As runtezza has pointed out, Fleet has almost reached his ton!  He is now at 91 miles and seems to be managing a lot better than I am.

Although I'm not feeling that bad, knees okay (check), Achilles okay (check), hips okay (check), muscles okay ... well maybe not but it's not that surprising at this point in Janathon. Still, only one week left but then I am also doing Jantastic and that goes right through to the end of March, oh well.

I set a target of 5 runs per week for Jantastic but I've been averaging 7. Next month I expect I will drop down to 5 runs a week and I'm thinking of setting a weekly mileage of 30 miles, something to consider.

On my return part of my run today it rained but on the bright side I was very lucky to see a double rainbow straight ahead. With the open fields all about it looked like a huge finish line arch intended for me, beautiful :-) My run today was 8.2 miles.

My Janathon mileage is now 160 miles and, as I mentioned, Fleet's mileage is 91 miles. 

20 January 2012

#Janathon Day 20 - doggy Christmas decorations and almost running into stays

Fleet came running with me today and wore his tri-colour flashing LED, it looks like a little Christmas decoration.  It works very well and drivers definitely notice him.  Our run was 8.2 miles and it was dark when we got back home. 

Talking of running in the dark, on my run in the dark last night I almost ran into a telephone pole stay, that was with a headtorch on too!  I would have hit it square on with my head and I know I don't run that fast but it would have been a nasty collision, surely stays on public paths should have reflective material on them?

Short post today so my Janathon mileage is now 152 miles and Fleet's is 83 miles.

19 January 2012

#Janathon Day 19 - yawning plus other things

I'm yawning away as I write this, I'm not getting enough sleep, oh well!

Eldest son only had one hour's sleep last night as he was doing TMAs, which he finished and submitted. Subsequently I drove him to work (nice Dad that I am). Also had to take youngest son to drama school after his normal school.  Ordered a sofabed and toilet seat.  Made breakfast (porridge), washed up, took out rubbish. Also arranged First Aid course as requirement for Cub Leader, printed out my OU course timetable.  Did some further revision in preparation of OU course. Worked solid for rest of time, was stuck on bug but eventually solved it :-) , but customer hasn't paid invoice :-( so suspending work (this is frustrating and irritating). Notice no mention of a run.

(still yawning)

Ended up running this evening but it wasn't that bad even though it was at night.  It was a road run but large tracts were not lit so I used my headtorch with flashing red light on back ;-)  Quite mild outside, run was 8 miles

Came home and had heated discussion with one of sons :-(  

Realised that all my running kit is in the wash so put some washing on, hope it dries in time when I hang it up tomorrow!

My Janathon total is now 144 miles.

(yawn ...)

18 January 2012

#Janathon Day 18 - overheating, bugs, Cubs, knots and the recovery position

I wore too much for my run today and I was a bit too hot, probably overheated a bit,  but I did another 8.1 miles plus it was drizzling too - I wonder if I was steaming?

Then I worked and worked and worked trying to solve a bug in my design, right up to 5 minutes before Cubs.  Then I threw my uniform on and rushed off to Cubs where I arrived just about on time Tonight we did knots and a bit of First Aid including the recovery position (I was the patient, I need recovering) and games of course :-)  Helped me forget the bug in my design!

Rushed home 'very hungry' and had dinner ... and here I am writing this post.

My Janathon total is now 136 miles.

17 January 2012

#Janathon Day 17 - and all I can think of is bed

Run today with Fleet was 7.1 miles and Fleet had/needed a swim to remove all the mud.

Middle son had a maths A level exam today so I drove him into school and oldest son had psychology TMA to submit by 12, which he did :-)

Played and hour of badminton this evening as soon as my wife arrived home.  She went off to Scout exec meeting immediately afterwards and I made the dinner which she will eat later. As you can see it's a bit busy round here!  I have Cubs tomorrow night, it's a knot night so I need to check that I remember the relevant knots.

I am very tired, yawn. Local Adventures thought up a poem ... all I can think of is bed.  My running is not feeling very poetic at the moment!

Janathon miles are 128 miles for me and 75 miles for Fleet.

16 January 2012

#Janathon Day 16 - Garmin had a flat and poo parcels

Monday morning and I looked outside and, if I'm honest, I made enough excuses or created enough deviations so I didn't have to run in the icy cold ... wimp? Yes, I think so.  I decided that lunchtime was the best time for a run.

Lunchtime came ... and went, I was too busy on debugging a new design (i.e. work was getting in the way of running, a bad state of affairs really).  I had a breakthrough with my work and thought, 'I better go for that run', picked up my Garmin and blank screen! The battery was not charged as I hadn't fitted the charging clip on correctly.  What to do?  I decided I'd charge it for as long as possible and delay my run just long enough so I came home in the light (I was taking a late lunch break plus all the rest of the time I was working). 

My Garmin was partially charged so decided to risk it.  Set off ... running shoes not right (I think they're wearing at the the back, new Innov8s me thinks), adjusted them and went a few more metres, adjusted them again and started off hoping I wouldn't get a blister (I've never actually had a blister running).  Then Fleet decided he need a poo, sigh, bagged poo and left strategically for return pick up.  Rest of first half of run was very pleasant. 

On the way back (i.e. just past the halfway point) Fleet 'encouraged' me to try a path I hadn't been down before ... we got lost!  Eventually found my way out of a maze of roads and started running home.  'Beep, beep' went the Garmin, battery low.  Oh dear, what was I going to do? Perhaps try and run faster and get home before the Garmin battery runs out. But I'm tired, sigh, run faster, started running faster. Fleet loves this but he can now run faster than I can, so I had to keep up, so running faster than I was expecting. Identify a cycle to my running:

Run faster! Briefly feel good (for running faster)! Get puffed! Getting cold! Getting dark! Too tired for this! But Garmin battery draining! So ...
Run faster! Briefly feel good (for running faster)! Get puffed! Getting cold! Getting dark! Too tired for this! But Garmin battery draining! So ...
Run faster! Briefly feel good (for running faster)! Get puffed! Getting cold! Getting dark! Too tired for this! But Garmin battery draining! So ...

It was really starting to get quite dark and cold, brrr.  My hands were starting to freeze despite having gloves on. Picked up poo parcel but soon after my Garmin went blank (as expected). Fortunately it was close to home so I was able to estimate the remaining distance fairly easily. Arrived home and took a long while to warm up despite having hot shower. But, solved problem on my design :-)

Total mileage today was 9.6 miles.

So that makes my Janathon total 121 miles and Fleet's must be about 68 miles ( he doesn't actually care).

15 January 2012

#Janathon Day 15 - in trouble, acquring dogs and sticky, slippy mud

Another busy day but I did manage to squeeze a run in.  However, I was out a bit too long and I got in trouble :-s.  Run today was 9.1 miles with Fleet, he needed a swim as it was quite muddy. It was the sticky yet slippery mud variety, I ended up with mud all up the back of my legs - must be something odd about the way I run!

Almost acquired another dog, I reached a road and went to put on Fleet's lead and I found a little dog had joined our run. Ran back and eventually found the owner.

My Janathon mileage is now 111 miles and Fleet's is now 59 miles.

#Janathon Day 14 - scouting for goods and the mystery path

I have been on my feet most of the day today ...

Went for a good walk with my wife and our dog Fleet in the morning.  Frosty again, our dog loves the frost (and snow), he gets very excited and runs around madly.  Walked past a group of runners who might be part of a fitness group, I'm not sure.  Thing is I know two of the guys in this group and this is now the second time I've seen them running hard and I've been walking casually past knowing full well that I will be running later that day, and I'm sure they are looking at me as if to say 'you've stopped running' and I want to say 'no I haven't, I'm running later' but I don't because that would just sound silly and a bit pathetic and I know that they're not really thinking what they think I'm thinking and it's really all just in my head ... so, sorry, I feel better now.

After our walk I went out for a run along the Thames (told you I would) all the way to the bridge that carries the M4 over the Thames. I discovered that some steps there go up to the M4 and there is a path that runs right next to the motorway.  I was quite surprised to find a path so close to the motorway?  I think next time I might follow the path to see where it goes, I wonder if I could get back down to the Jubilee River? Where does the path go, a mystery.

After my run I came home and took my youngest son to the local sports shop and we bought him a badminton racket.  Then it was off shopping at Sainsburys (sigh), our family eats so much that we often have two trolleys for our weekly shop but this time we didn't expect to be purchasing quite as much bulk so one trolley would do. So instead I went off scouting for items further afield in the outer regions of the store while my wife gathered perishables within the scope of a few aisles.  I would return to the trolley laden with goods, check their suitability and then after acceptance of said goods would then head off again in search of the next items.  The problem with this hunter/gatherer approach to the weekly shop is that I end up walking miles!  By the time we had unpacked the shopping I was exhausted. I'm getting two trolleys next time.

So despite running 10.2 miles today, I suspect that I've doubled that walking! And, some of those miles were the very hardest miles that a man can do ... miles covered shopping!! And they don't even count for Janathon.

Janathon total is now 102 miles and I am very tired and need to go to bed.

Goodnight, yawn :-)

13 January 2012

#Janathon Day 13 - thumb blister, quantum mechanics and a frost

I think I have a blister on my thumb!  This evening I replaced the overgrips on 'six' badminton rackets. The blister is a result of trying to remove the old overgrip tape on the badminton rackets.  All done and ready for our family badminton session on Tuesday.  This time we should have no grubby hands from perishing rubber. The handles are quite tacky now, non slip performance grips for maxim power transfer and control, I can hear those power shots even now ... I wish :-)

Also received my Open University course materials today.  I'm doing a course on quantum mechanics but I've spotted some more maths I need to revise before the course starts, I haven't done much studying for a while so hopefully it will go okay.

My run this morning was much, much better than last night's.  It helps running in the daylight, with a frost on the ground and a blue sky.  I should have taken a camera, beautiful view over the Jubilee River looking back towards Taplow. Good run, not boring but I had freezing hands by the time I reached home.  So a nine mile run this morning and with my faithful dog, Fleet :-) A good one, slow but good.

So my Janathon total is now 92 miles and Fleet's is 50 miles.

12 January 2012

#Janathon Day 12 - boring run in the dark

I can't imagine that title will attract much interest.  What more can I say other than I ran 4.1 miles, it was dark and I had a head torch on.

I could tell you about the blinding lights and how cars don't dip their headlights just because I'm a runner with a headtorch.  I can also crash, you know! I can't see the path with dazzling headlights in my eyes. I should have a massive headlight that I can flash at drivers!

I'm tempted to make something up about my run but I'm far too honest, I'd never make a tabloid journalist or banker. 

No, it was a boring 4.1 mile run during which time I considered why on earth I was out running, why I was running at all and how tedious it was.  When I got back I felt much better not because I had run but because I wasn't doing a boring run in the dark.  Sorry if you were looking for motivation here :-(

Okay, so I'm in a grim mood today - It'll be better tomorrow I'm sure, I hope. Sigh.

My Janathon total is now 83 miles.

11 January 2012

#Janathon Day 11 - a games evening at Cubs

So, as predicted, non-running-muscles-used-in-badminton are starting to ache a bit.  I wonder how I will feel tomorrow?

Tonight was the first Cub Night of the year.  It was a games evening and it was great fun.  I ended up arriving a little later because of work, but, despite the rush, it was good to be involved again.  I'm not doing the preparation for the evenings just. turning up to help out, although I am now back in uniform again.  It's really rewarding and fun, we just need more volunteers, no shortage of kids!  Sadly one of our two Beaver Colonies (which is full and has a waiting list) will be closing down because we can't find any leaders to run it. Sigh!

Went running this morning with Fleet and ran 8.1 miles.  This makes my Janathon total 79 miles and Fleet's 41 miles.

10 January 2012

#Janathon Day 10 - badminton limb freeing and grubby hands

Just did a short run today of 3.5 miles and with Fleet.

All five us (not including Fleet, although he’d probably love tearing back and forth) played badminton tonight, brilliant fun. I haven't played badminton in ages and we all had so much fun that we decided to book another court again for next Tuesday evening.

What was even better is that it transpired that I had pre-purchased badminton sessions from ages and ages ago so I didn't have to pay tonight and have two more prepaid sessions :-)  I cherish these moments of fortune more than I should.

However, we all had grubby hands as the grip tape on most of our rackets is perishing so I will have to seek out a suitable supplier of grip tape. We have six rackets and I've replaced the grip on only one of them (I think). Plus my youngest son wants his own racket too so the saving on courts (not a real saving I suppose given that it was a prepayment) will contribute to a new racket and grip tape. I'm sure I remember putting grip tape on was quite fiddly?

The badminton seems to have helped my legs too; they feel much better now ... I wonder how they will feel tomorrow? But I must be positive ;-)

My Janathon total is now 71 miles and Fleet's is 33 miles.

09 January 2012

#Janathon Day 9 - my legs might just fall off

I still haven't had a day off running and I'm wondering if I don't, will the aching in my legs stop?  If I carry on running will the aching subside?  Will my legs fall off? Or will my pace just gradually become slower and slower? I must do a shorter run tomorrow!

I definitely must do a shorter run tomorrow, or maybe not run at all.  Despite the tired, aching legs, I've booked a badminton court for tomorrow evening for some family fun. Hmm, every time I play badminton after a break, I inevitably ache all over ... maybe the legs won't feel as bad :-)

Anyway I must get to bed, I ran 7.4 miles today with Fleet, who is now a happy dog. This makes my Janathon total 67 miles and Fleet's about 30 miles.

08 January 2012

#Janathon Day 8 - Did and done

Did breakfast. Did go for walk with wife and dog. Did my tax return. Did lunch. Did take middle son to work at sweet shop. Did run of 7.24 miles (surely can't be that accurate). Did log said run. Did bins. Did briefly help eldest son with pshychology essay (uh ... just a couple of sentences). Did suggest wife was better qualified to help him (she is). Did help wife with I.T. problems (I'm better qualified) but didn't sort out final problem (obviously not qualified enough). Did other chores plus more chores, sigh. Did study a bit. Did carve and eat roast (yum). Did watch Sherlock with wife snuggled up and two sons. Did this blog. Done 60 miles so far for Janathon.

07 January 2012

#Janathon Day 7 - An escapade past a hotel ...

Tried a new run today through Cliveden which is a local National Trust property.  Started out from Cookham and crossed the Thames at Cookham Bridge.  Then straight across a muddy field, through some houses and then uphill along quite an awkward trail that follows the road. Had to run around a recently fallen tree (didn't fancy risking going under it as it was propped up on a fence).

Then I started working out a way into the estate. The main house and gardens is closed at this time of year but a section of woodlands (aptly called Woodlands) is open so I ended up running all the way to this part of the estate with a car park.  This wasn't particularly pleasant as I had to run along the road for some sections as the path disappeared.  I anticipated I might have this problem which is why I chose not to bring Fleet on the run.

Anyway I reached the Woodlands Car Park entrance (National Trust) and I asked the chap at the gate if it was possible to pass all the way through the estate so I didn't have to risk the road.  He said I couldn't as it was private, this confused me a little but what he meant was it was all owned by the National Trust ... I showed him my membership card and said 'That's different then!' - made me feel quite important, part of the Club :-) He then proceeded to tell me that I should be able to get through the estate and out of the entrance reserved for the hotel and that I could probably use this route in the future, just explain to anybody that I was going to/from Woodlands and keep away from the house. I'd been reluctant to try this entrance on the way up as (called Hedsor Gate), despite my earlier post about going round fields, I'm actually quite a law abiding sort of guy and don't like getting in trouble unnecessarily.

So after chatting a little more to the helpful National Trust chap during which time we both complained about how few public footpaths there were that side of the river, I set off.  Now he said to follow the route along the river and then up the road which keeps some distance from the house where the 'expensive' hotel is.  Well I tried this but alas, workmen were digging up the road I need to run along.  I had a choice to either turn round and run all the way back or risk running up to the house ... gulp! After a bit of thought I figured that I would risk the house (expensive hotel) route and explain that I was just trying to find the way out and was a bit lost, which was actually true! Besides, I'm grey enough such that younger people are disinclined to confront me and older ones might think I was a guest, there are some benefits to premature greying, although I'm sadly getting to the age where it might not be considered premature anymore, sigh!  I spotted a path through the woods that had a sign that said, very helpfully, 'The House'.  Surely I wasn't going to come across men in camouflage gear and air rifles ... surely not :-s (read previous post for explanation).

I ran out of the woods and I was at the house! 'Keep running', I thought.  I decided that I would keep away from open areas, not because of snipers ... really (previous post reference again).  I ran past the Orangery Restaurant all the time convinced I would bump into somebody important. I was relieved when I arrived at the road in front of the house only to see workmen in a truck with fluorescent jackets (always a sign of authority) looking at me! Yipes!

What to do? 

Well you'll be pleased to know that I walked boldly up to them, told them that I was lost and was trying to find the Hedsor Gate (the name of the entrance/exit). They were actually very helpful and friendly and it was only just a few hundred metres up the road :-)  They probably thought I was a guest! Incidentally, a hotel car did drive past me with two young staff members in it (a young man and lady), they smiled and waved at me ... they must have thought I was a guest too, or they might have been skiving, or I looked too much like their Dad and they really wouldn't want to confront me. I was quickly out of the estate and ran back home.

So it was a muddy run but one I would definitely will do again.  When the workmen have finished the road repairs it will be even easier and the Woodlands area has an outdoor exercise trail thingy. Now I know how quickly I can run past the house I hardly think it will be a problem.  Once the house is open again it will be even easier.

The route was 8.5 miles altogether but I could make it shorter in the future.  Next place I want to investigate running through is Taplow Court which is Buddhist owned ... I have a relation who helps out there in the coffee shop on weekends so she might be able to give me the lay of the land ;-)

So my total Janathon mileage is 53 miles, I hadn't planned to run quite so far today.

06 January 2012

#Janathon Day 6 - tired legs, confused dog running pace and Jantastic plan

And another beautiful sunny morning.  Felt good outside in the sun but my poor leg muscles don't feel so good! Oh well, I'm planning on having a day off running this weekend and do some other exercise.

I've considered adding Fleet (my dog) on the Running Free website and adding runs that he completes with me.  Of course he ends up running a lot more than that but it might be fun.

Talking of Fleet, when I'm tiring and starting to run slower (most of the time at the moment) I think my pace ends up falling between his natural running speed and his trot. Poor dog struggles a bit when I have to put him on his lead, he sort of oscillates between two paces.  

Hopefully I will look after my legs enough to be able to continue with the Marathon Talk Jantastic thingy that carries on into March.

So my run today was 7.1 miles taking my Janathon total to 44 miles.
Fleet's total is now 22 miles.

05 January 2012

#Janathon Day 5 - the pigeon shooters and running round the field dilemma!

So I keep thinking I should run around the field again. This is a route I did for quite a while until I was confronted by a camouflaged man with an air rifle in the neighbouring field about a week ago. He told me that the route I was taking was not a public right of way and they were shooting pigeons which was about the moment I spotted another camouflaged man in what looked like a very professional sniper pose ... probably shooting pigeons. I had obviously disturbed the pigeons in my fluorescent jacket and with my eager dog. They looked like they wanted to be soldiers, and they had guns so I didn't argue. I also thought they might be the owners of the field but I'm not sure now, as there is a gun shop that backs onto the field they were in.

I know it's not a public right of way but houses back onto it and I do no damage. The only rubbish I've ever seen was a pile of empty cartridges. If I knew who owned the farm I'd ask them if they wouldn't mind me running round their field. I think I might have spoken to the farmer a few months back when I found a dead swan in a stream in the vicinity, but I'm not sure and I don’t have the number anymore. Do you think i should risk it again and stuff the bird shooters, who have guns, and who are probably wannabe soldiers?!

I don't know why shooting birds is considered a sport. When I was about fourteen I shot a little bird with an air rifle. I remember looking at the bird and feeling ashamed and sad, I never shot anything again. From what I've read it's not even a very good method of controlling the pigeon population.

I also thought they should have had a flag or something up to let people know that they were shooting as there are houses nearby?

The question is, should I run round the field again? I'd actually quite like to wind the wannabe soldiers up but I don't want to annoy the farmer!

I've got that off my chest. In other news my son didn't get an offer for Cambridge but he tried is best and will probably go to Birmingham, even if he receives and offer from Imperial. I'm very proud of him :-)

Oh yes, I went running with my dog again today, 8.2 miles. He enjoyed it but is a bit fed up with aggressive dogs!

My total Janathon mileage is now 37 miles and Fleet's is about 15 miles.

Got to go now, hope this has no errors ...

04 January 2012

#Janathon Day 4 - a sunny run with my dog and types of mud

Sunny morning run today :-)  With my dog too :-) :-)

During winter I progressively get better at running on slippery mud. The mud was definitely more slippery today than yesterday when it was more watery.  Tomorrow the mud will probably start sticking to my running shoes so tomorrow so I'll be a few inches taller by the time I get home.

Fleet, my dog, was very muddy too so we stopped so he could have a swim in a stream closer to home. He was a very happy chap.

So another slow run of 7.3 miles.

In other news my youngest son will be finishing performing in 'The Railway Children' at Waterloo on Friday, two more days.  A bit of relief in terms of travelling for us but I expect he will be sad. I think the area at Waterloo Station will be turned to shops which is a shame, it was a great production. 

My middle son should hear if he has a place at Cambridge tomorrow, either way he's done really well.

Janathon total is now 29 miles.

03 January 2012

#Janathon Day 3 - windy, wombling, whinging, whateverness (but not wet)

A hard run against the wind today! Fortunately I set out before the serious downpour..

It was a bit of a mess outside our house as rubbish from bins had blown about as it was bin-collection-after-the-festive-season-day.  So I ended up picking up some litter and wheeled a neighbour's bin out the road, and then once I'd done my Wombling I was off.

I wore my new (Christmas present) Montane lightweight jacket with hood. I was very happy with it :-)

I couldn't work out what was happening with the wind direction?  I set out across the fields bent against the wind worrying that I was going to be going so slow that my Garmin watch would 'pause' (it's on auto pause). I kept reminding myself that the wind would be behind me on the return leg, but on the way back the wind kept changing direction so I ended up doing a kind of interval session.

The end result was 5.9 miles. Oh yes, and my legs are aching a bit and I'm taking too long with the blogging and I'm too busy at work and why did I register for an OU module and I really need to start stretching more and ... that's enough! Sigh.

Janathon total is 21 miles.

02 January 2012

#Janathon Day 2 - Boring Post Warning

Warning! A boring post today:

I squeezed another run in today of 7.3 miles.  I'm not sure how much time I will have for running in the coming month, I think if I don't fit them in first thing in the morning then it will be difficult to find time later. Tomorrow I will run with my dog who, fortunately, had a walk later in the day.

! That is such a boring post. I did actually write something extra that was more interesting but I removed it, it spoilt the tone.

Janathon total from Running Free is 16 miles (bit of rounding error going on there)  
Jantastic starts today.

01 January 2012

#Janathon Day 1 - Too much wine, sigh!

I had a bit too much red wine last night/morning plus champagne too but at least we tidied the house before going to bed. Woke up parched with headache but H2O helped.

Dragged on running gear and set off just before 8am clutching lucozade bottle in vain attempt to readjust hydration levels!  Really quiet and no other runners and no toilets open, which was a bit of a problem. 

But I enjoyed my run and arrived home feeling much better ... until about 5 minutes later when headache returned. Spent rest of day at family gathering and had a great time :-)

Janathon total 8.2 miles