01 January 2016

#Janathon Day 1 - my wife is running, my dog's longest run yesterday, serious ultra panicking and maybe I'm too old anyway

Well here we go again, another Janathon and I've joined last minute ... again.

So I did a 20 mile run, but that was yesterday! I have put my name down for the Thames Trot Ultra 50 on the 7th February but I've just not manged to get the training in recently.  I was on target at the end of November and completed a 30 mile run, but in December it's just been impossible to fit in any long runs. The 20 mile run yesterday was quite difficult, I had done a half hour tempo run at the gym the day before but really should be much further ahead in my training before considering a 50 miler.

Can I recover it?  I'm not giving up yet but it's a real juggling act between putting the time in for the long slow runs, resting, sleeping, working. It doesn't help that I'm not that keen on running at night.  If I'm going to run it I guess I need to be running about 35 miles ideally by the 17th January or maybe 24th January at the latest.  That gives me two weeks of taper. I'm probably too old for this, I think I need Janathon to spur on.

Fleet, my dog, ran with me yesterday! He ran 20 miles! This was his longest run ever,  I've gradually increased his runs and I must say that he did really well.  It probably helps that it's cooler (and his guide runs slowly).  I'm very proud of him, and he's 10 this year :-)

My wife is also running and she's building up her mileage.  Today I went for a run with her and we ran 2 miles.  Tomorrow we plan to run 6 miles, which is the longest she has run, she ran this distance a week ago but we thought it best to not increase her mileage over the festive period.

So all good but not good on the ultra training plan, can I get the mileage in without breaking?

Janathon mileage: 2 miles
My wife's Janathon mileage: 2 miles
Fleet's Janathon mileage: 0 miles but he ran 20 miles yesterday

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