07 January 2016

#Janathon Day 7 - a run in the sun but it was cold and I used suntan lotion (with recommendation)

I ran during the day today!  And it was dry! And the sun was out too! It was still cold though but I still put on my factor 50 suntan lotion.

I look fairly tanned and I think this is a combination of being outside a fair amount (normally running), having older skin and contrast effect against my grey hair.  I must say that I am pretty good at putting suntan lotion during the daytime, the sun doesn't need to be out and it can be the middle of winter.

I have struggled to find a good suntan lotion, in the past I have found that quite a few lotions were either very heavy and sticky or came off easily when I started sweating, I sweat quite a bit (a lot) - evidently this is the sign of an athlete! Well I will cling to that belief.

So what suntan lotion do I use?  Well my recommendation is this:
Sun Protection Mist SPF50

Garnier Ambre Solaire UV Sport Sun Protection Mist SPF50 brilliant stuff.  I used it for Race to the Stones 100km ultra in July last year, on holiday and on all my summer runs, in fact all my daytime runs - it works really well.  It's light but sticks and does not come off very easily when I'm sweating and wipe my face.  I don't think it marks clothing either. Also when I sweat I don't get stinging eyes quite as much as when I use other suntan lotions. For around my eyes I spray a bit onto my hands and rub it in, otherwise I use the spray.

I'm using up some Riemann P20 which is also very good but I think it does stain clothes and isn't so great on my face (i.e. it stings my eyes and rubs off a bit too easily).  It also has more of a smell, alcohol I think.

But back to my run.  Today I ran 8.33 miles with my dog Fleet. As I said it was dry, cold and sunny but there were quite a few puddles and a lot of mud.  Fleet was a bit of a state but was fine after a swim in a stream :-)

My Janathon total is now 40 miles
Fleet's total is 15 miles

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