04 January 2016

#Janathon Day 3 - night running, I need fog lights and dry feet

I did my first night time run this winter across the fields this evening, a dark misty evening.  A good test for my new Petzl Nao headtorch.

It was really bright and dims with proximity or with changes in light levels.  This had the effect of appearing like I was dipping my headtorch to oncoming traffic leading them to dip their headlights too :-)  They must have been a bit confused.

I did run past a few pedestrians and a cyclist (who had no lights), they were somewhat dazzled but then they shouldn't have been out at such a late hour in the dark, obviously dodgy characters.

As I mentioned it was quite misty so I could have used some fog lights too, I don't think my sons would let me leave the house of I started wearing another set of lights!

I also tested my new Sealskinz socks which worked really well, no wet feet despite lots of deep puddles. Altogether a successful evening run.

Oh yes, and I enjoyed 'War and Peace' on BBC although my family did not appreciate a running commentary on the characters, sigh!

Janathon totals:
Me = 16 miles
My wife = 8 miles
Fleet = 6 miles

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