13 January 2016

#Janathon Day 13 - work, eat, meeting, run, eat, blog = dull

Feeling tired today and was concerned if I would manage any exercise.

Finished work, had something to eat and then off to a meeting at 8pm.  Ran back from meeting (not very far and not included in total), put on my gym clothes and went with wife and youngest son to gym that closes at 10pm!

Gentle run on treadmill for one mile and slightly faster second mile. For beginning of third mile thought I'd practice a fast walk (useful in ultras) and then took treadmill up to maximum incline and walked as fast as I could breaking into a run.  Slowly dropped my pace down again. Total run was 3.15 miles. Had a short stretch and then headed home. Got home and finished my dinner while writing this post. All a bit dull really!

My Janathon total is 97 miles.

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Terry said...

Hi -- very impressive dedication to the Janathon ideal!