06 January 2016

#Janathon Day 6 - long day, gym and school visit plan

Well my working day started early at about 7.40am and finished at about 8.10pm, another early start tomorrow morning too.  A quick bite to eat and then I was dragged to the gym again with my wife and son.  

On the treadmill I did a 3 mile tempo run followed by a mile of sprint/walk and then another mile slower, 5 miles in total. Hot and puffed especially after the sprints. It was quieter in the gym tonight.

I'm going to speak at an Engineering Society at a local school on the 20th.  I figured it would be more of a chat about any number of projects I've worked on and a little more interactive discussing engineering in general.  The young lady who runs the society asked me for an outline today and I'm wondering if they are expecting me to do a talk! I think something more interactive would be better? I'm not sure now?? I don't normally have a problem filling the time talking ;-)

My Janathon mileage is now 32 miles.
My wife's is 11.5 miles.

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