17 January 2016

#Janathon Day 17 - a hard long run on a muddy route, longest run of my training

When I set off for my run this morning there was a sprinkling of snow on the ground.  Needless to say it all melted and made my run pretty muddy and bit slippery.

Broke my run up into an 8 + 32 miles so that I could use home as a pit stop.  Stopped at my cousin's house in Datchet to refill my water bottles too.

I started out across the fields and picked up the Jubilee River in Maidenhead.  I followed the Jubilee River to Eton and crossed over to Datchet. There I picked up the Thames path to Runnymede with a good view of Windsor Castle. It's a shame that the Thames bank along the castle grounds is not opened to extend the Thames path, oh well!

It was a hard run at the end and my muscles were aching quite a bit, I'm glad I've run 40 miles. This is the longest run of my training and I will now taper over the next three weeks and if goes well (including the weather) then I will run the Thames Trot at the beginning of February.

Janathon total is now 156 miles

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