10 January 2016

#Janathon Day 10 - quick, go see 'Stepping Out' before it closes, a 30 mile run and taking son to uni

'Stepping Out' was brilliant and funny and we had a great time last night. It ends at the Mill at Sonning on Saturday 16th January, so hurry and buy tickets! A great cast with local actor Amber Edlin who was superb ;-) Go and see it!

A long run along the Jubilee River and the Thames from Cookham to Runnymede and back. I stopped, but didn't go in, at the National Trust Magna Carta tea-room.  We really ought to visit the tea-room sometime. The beginnings of a little flooding near Runnymede meant I had to back onto myself a bit. Pit stop at Thames Valley Athletics Centre and a chat with my cousin in Datchet on the way back, did I tell you that my cousin might be the nicest person on the planet :-)  Didn't pause my watch at my cousin's but never mind. The run went better than I expected and I completed 30.59 miles. 

Came home and had a roast dinner and then off to Birmingham to take my middle son back to university, always sad to see him go :-(

My Janathon mileage is now 81 miles.

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