09 January 2016

#Janathon Day 9 - my wife's longest run towards the Fleet Half Marathon and seeing 'Stepping Out' tonight

I had intended to do my long run but instead did a shorter run with my wife.  She is preparing for her first half marathon, the Fleet Half Marathon, and did her longest run ever today, 7.1 miles. I'm planning to run the half marathon with her.

It rained a bit today but it wasn't heavy rain and it wasn't that cold either.  Fleet managed to get muddy (not a big surprise) but at least he had time for a swim which cuts down the mess in the kitchen. I hope to do a long run tomorrow morning as it wasn't not possible today as I needed to pick up my middle son midday who has been visiting his girlfriend's family.

Tonight we go to see 'Stepping Out' at The Mill in Sonning with friends, looking forward to it :-)

My Janathon mileage is now 51 miles according to Running Free, I can't get it to download from my watch as Garmin has changed the interface so I just enter the mileage directly.
My wife has run 18.6 miles and Fleet has run 25.6 miles, I don't think I will take him tomorrow.

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