23 January 2016

#Janathon Day 23 (missed a few) - a virus (my excuse), a long taper run, shining eyes and panic about broken running shoes!

Missed three days in Janathon as I had some sort of virus and my chest wasn't quite right, not good as I'm asthmatic. Kept warm, relaxed and slept a bit more than usual and okay today :-)

The first 8 miles of today's run was part of my wife's half marathon training so was a relaxed run with Fleet. This is her longest run so far, she's doing really well. 

After returning back home I set off to make up the miles to 26.7, about two thirds of my longest run as planned in my taper period. About half of it was in the dark so good practice for the ultra. Blinding walkers with their dogs with my headtorch, they all stopped as I approached, I need to dip my head! The first thing I see are the dog's eyes reflecting back, in fact it's amazing how many eyes I see about in the fields - cats and foxes I guess.

Alas my running shoes have a split! I'm only two weeks away from the ultra!! I've ordered '2' identical pairs from different stores and hopefully I can break them in in time, should be okay if they arrive in time. I plan to call both stores and turn up charm and pleading to maximum.

This time of year I run in Inov-8 Roclite 282 GTX shoes, this will be my third pair (fourth when both I've ordered arrive). I'm really pleased with them and I can't complain as I've done a lot of mileage in my last pair. I'd appreciate multiple crossing of fingers.

My Janathon mileage is now 189 miles but I don't expect it to rise greatly during the next week or so.

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