03 January 2016

#Janathon Day 2 - mud, War and Peace and other book ramblings

Another 6 miles as planned squeezed in before the heavier rain this morning. Quite a lot of mud which reminds me of how muddy the Thames Trot Ultra 50 is likely be if the section of the Thames path at Marlow is anything to go by.  Slipping and sliding about for 50 miles would be hard work, in Marlow I'm often forced to walk most of the muddy section. Does anybody have any experience of the Thames Trot?

Met up with family this afternoon and had a great time, the traffic getting there was horrible though.

A new series of War and Peace starts on BBC 1 tomorrow (I think).  I need to finish the book before the end of the series, well at least up to the epilogues.  This shouldn't be too much of a problem as I'm 89% of the way through it and, evidently, about 100 pages of the 1400 page book is epilogue (two epilogues) which I'm really not sure I will bother reading.  This means I must have a little over 50 pages left.

The problem is I'm reading Margaret Atwood's 'The Year of the Flood' at the moment and I know that there is a third in the series too so when do I get to finish 'War and Peace'?

Really pleased to hear that Barak Obama is planning to read 'The Three Body Problem' by Liu Cixin, it's a great book.

But never mind about my book ramblings, back to Janathon:

My Janathon mileage: 8 miles
My wife's Janathon mileage: 8 miles
Fleet's Janathon mileage: 6 miles

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